5,4,3,2,1….Happy New Year!!!

5,4,3,2,1....Happy New Year

It is always annoying to find somewhere to go on New year’s eve in London. Most places are close, or otherwise pre-booked only in a painfully high price.

Nevertheless, everyone wants to party and I really do not want to stand along Thames in rain and cold to watch the fireworks. Too many people, too many drunken madness.
Therefore, although I had to pay £35 to get in this club in Covent Garden. I still think the free champagne and amazing performance gave the best party and shelter for this festive evening.


Circus, as its name suggests, is a restaurant/bar/club with circus acts. The long white table with stairs at the two ends transforms into a stage between the courses. Exciting Asian fusion cuisine mixes with mysteriously flexible movement of body and tasty topless male models.

The table becomes a dance floor open for everybody after dessert is served. Party time!!!!!!


This is how I spent the end of 2012, how about you?



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