London Strolling – Wapping to Tower Hill

Woke up late after New Year’s Eve partying, glad the hangover wasn’t that bad. Happy 2013! The beautiful sunshine and dry weather gave a really good start for this year.

Spent the morning working out my New year’s resolution – one of the ideas is about blogging seriously. Hence, I know I have changed my blog a couple of times, but this one is for real! I am going to share my list of new year’s resolution separately in another post, and this blog is going to record all the different aspects of my life that I would like to improve on this year. (And yep, I know I am blogging in English, but ‘essays in love’ will still be written in Chinese!!!! So no worries guys!)

Roomie finally woke up and we decided to end our holiday with a nice walk around Wapping. For all these years I have lived in London, I have never been to Wapping before. I guess it is because it is an Overground station – just an area of London that I have never found a reason to visit. I can’t even remember the last time I took the Overground!


Strolling around London in my favorite time of the day, sunset hours of course, was incredible. Wind was blowing hard and rough and the beautiful clear sky was rare for the English winter. The crisp of winter air and stillness of old buildings froze the time and it made me feel how tiny and anonymous I am in this big city both geographically and through the history. The depth of time, history, culture and dynamics are always the reasons why I adore London so much. Everything has a story of its own, and all these stories connected and influenced each other – that’s what London culture is all about.


Another beautiful thing about London is that rich and poor, modern and old does not present itself gradually. If you thought you saw some old beautiful buildings, they could actually be converted into extremely luxuriously apartments and offices if you take a closer look. At first I saw all these old docks and warehouses in Wapping, but as you got to the river bank, the city suddenly jumps into a totally different zones of expensive houses and glamorous shops.


The apartments and penthouses facing the river are unbelievably expensive, yet, the comfortable footpath along the river is free for everyone to use. Maybe I will never be able to afford this £20 million penthouse in St Katherine’s Way, but I know I could always enjoy the same wonderful landscape and live in the dream.



I hope you have enjoyed reading my journey in my favorite city. This is what my passion is, and I really hope to disclose the beauty of London with you.

With love,


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