New Year Resolution #1 Gym time once a week

OK guys, the thing is, I haven’t exercised since 2006.
Before I left Hong Kong, I was actually pretty active. I was in the swimming team and fencing team, and I even played badminton every Sunday with my mother.
When I was 15 I enrolled in aerobic classes.

The thing is, I didn’t get any thinner then. Not a pound off my Michelin waist and I was still wearing L-XL clothes.

Randomly, I was given this book – French Women Don’t Get Fat – before I went to the UK. As its name suggests, it is about how the French women stay so skinny. And the fact is, they don’t exercise much apart from leisurely strolling around the neighborhood!

This book is my diet bible, it is for lazy beans like moi. No exercise, just be more conscious with what and how much food you shove into your mouth.
And miracle happened.

I went to the UK, the second fattest country on earth, and I dropped two sizes in two years. I didn’t do any exercise in my school, I turned all my sports lessons into piano lessons. The only possible movement I had was to walk from my boarding house to the town, and did a little shopping every now and then.

I dropped a size, my skin got better, and I sang with power.

I was ecstatic, exercise is all bullshit!
But slowly, the pressures in adulthood ate me alive. Exams, boyfriends, family, job hunting….I could slowly feel that I don’t look good anymore.
So I went swimming once or twice, and it was marvellous, I loved it! I felt happier after exercising.

I was so determined to exercise regularly again for university.

Haha, not exactly a surprise, I didn’t do it AT ALL. Not once, I have tried to jog around London once, and I got lost, and then that was it.
Although as you know, I did walk around London a lot. Miracles again, I lost another size.

If it is all that great and miraculous, why would I put exercise in my new year resolution?
Cause you know it. It is like eating too much, you know when things are off balance.
My skin’s dull and boring, I lack stamina, hair is dry, can’t eat well, can’t even breathe smoothly!


So I went online ( this is strictly UK only, I don’t know anything about Hong Kong gyms), and found that they have 1 day free trial pass for most of the gyms! if I tried it one by one, and if the plan is to go to gym just once a month, maybe I could actually get some amazing money saving!




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