The way you speak

Sometimes I still think of the way you speak chinese. Then I remember how you speak with so much confidence. Then I remember how much do u like to boast. Then I remember how much you don’t like to lose.

Then I remember why we broke up.

I wonder when can I get over this. Then I realise I won’t be able to. We carry so much memory, and the bad mixes with the good ones.

I decide to look forward, I decide to stop dating. I don’t want to be in someone’s memory if I would become the worst and most evil person in someone’s life. Selfishly speaking, as it would affect me the same way.

I already has you as a pain in my heart that doesn’t seem to leave me alone. I don’t need another one.

If I do date again, I would want to know him enough that I m confident to say that, he is at least as amazing as you when you were doing good.

And the first thing I m looking for, is that he is humble and he is less selfish.

That would also be the goal of my life.


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