My obsession with popularity

I have a massive need to be very popular and hence I have massive tendency to please people.
I am fake and unreal. I wasn’t listening, I am just responding to what I believe you would like, and hoping you would like me.

And clearly I don’t master the skill of faking.

I am sick of this popularity shit, it is not even a meaningful contest. It is just a manifestation of my inner insecurity.

I am so insecure that I determine my self worth by the no of friends I have on fb, by the likes I have got on my status, the no of messages I have got everyday, and even more pathetically, the no of matches I could make on tinder.

Bloody hell.

I understand this well. The key to be popular is to be secure. You are secure, you are confident and you perform the best because you feel you are in control.

How do I reverse the story? To be secure first and not to gain security through popularity?

I believe God knows.

Easy and chilled out man. You are quirky and have a messed up brain, not a surprise if that makes other people yelling for help to understand you.

Who truly understands you, they are the greatest assets of your life.


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