#fridaymusecolumn Vol.1 FRESH


Starting a new column because I suddenly get all enthusiastic about blogging again.

#fridaymusecolumn – this hashtag has no actual usage, i might start doing that on instagram and post selfies of myself every Friday, yeah right.

Anyways, every Friday, I will post some stuff about one particular topic I am thinking about currently (or on that Friday really).

This Friday’s muse is ….. “Fresh"

Spring has arrived, lets keep things fresher, lighter, easier 🙂


Of course she is the first person I think of – Clemence Posey! and of course she has to be French 🙂

images (1)

A current big hit from Korea! Not a massive fan of ET? That’s quite alright, just look at her clothes, it is like a fashion show.


Absolutely love this Mulberry campagne featuring new generation super model Cara Delevingne

Nigella Lawson Vogue UK April 2014 1

I was quite obsessed with the whole Nigella Lawson case, glad she is back, fresh face and still classy. Great issue of vogue this month.



Definitely the albums for spring – salty water, beach, light wind



Movie choices for the weekend marathon – Prime/Just Like Heaven/Flipped….spring = romance.



Recent fashion love: Comptoir des Cotonniers; Toast.

Spring clothing material has to be light weight cotton, a bit of lace and chiffon.
Fresh colours have to be white, transparent, more white, a bit of light grey…at most a bit of pastel pink on the lips and accessories, sufficient.


Still a bit chilly at times, don’t forget to stay warm 🙂

Happy weekends

Midori x



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