For my increasing number of English audience (Joadwe in particular), I decide maybe it is time for me to attempt writing blogposts in English. Please appreciate that it is pure leisure writing and there might be occasional typos, bad grammar, illogical sentences, inconsistent thoughts, lame jokes etc etc.

My experience of writing in English concentrates mainly on academic and business writing. The earliest piece of ‘essay’ I could recall writing was about Second World War at the age of 16, although I am sure from age zero to fifteen I must have written about my weekends, my hobbies, my dreams etc which don’t really count because I probably have copied everything from the textbooks. I shall talk about my cheeky cheating academic career some other time.

Since I came to Britain, my exposure to English writing has increased tremendously from doing primarily essay based subjects, including social anthropology in university. I began to use fancy words like ‘the notion of…’, ‘school of thoughts’, ‘etc’, etc, which allowed me to gloss over a seemingly complicated idea with even glossier choice of words. I would say most of the essays I wrote throughout university was utterly lack of substance, AKA empty.

I enjoy social anthropology very much because it justifies that we could talk about things without a concrete answer or a proper conclusion by presenting both sides of arguments and not picking a side at all. I shall talk about my lack of ability to draw conclusions some other time too, as this inability has led to major relationship problems with Mr ER and with other people in my life.

Anyways, now I work in one of the most prestigious corporate firms in the world it is my responsibility to write up advice papers to our clients. One important thing I have learned about business writing is to articulate uncertainty. The world is constantly changing and we will never know what’s going on in the future, so caveat our capability is key. I consider myself a master of caveat, purely because I have already learned how to avoid drawing any form of conclusion from the years of university training and later from arguments with boyfriends.

So here I am, writing in English on the topic I am most familiar with – relationships. Based on what I have said above, please expect occasional typos, bad grammar, illogical sentences, inconsistent thoughts, lame jokes, caveat, lack of conclusion, avoidance of conveying actual meanings on the topic of love, and I still hope you find this fun to read, and totally forget what you have read afterwards due to its lack of actual substance.

This blogpost itself is a caveat to what I am going to write in the future on this website.

Have fun.

Midori x

(yes, this is my blog name – people seems to think my name is Essays in Love, hell no?!)


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