Food adventure – overly healthy maki rolls


As if the normal Japanese sushi is not healthy enough, I have brought up the healthiness of maki roll to another level.

I made these two types of maki with very healthy 5 grain rice imported from Korea. I tried to cook this rice on its own once, and I would say even as a health freak like me, I found it a bit too hard to chew and the texture is a bit too wild and raw. After all, I grew up with silky fluffy white rice. So I have mixed the 5 grain rice with white rice on a 1:1 portion.

Then I seasoned the cooked rice with mirin, sake and soy sauce. I boiled the three sauces in a pot so the alcohol in mirin and sake evaporate. This is a tasty sauce with beautiful aroma (you can tell I have run out of words to describe food.)

Finally, rolling time! Place nori (seaweed) sheet in a bamboo mat, then spread a thin layer of rice on top (don’t forget to leave some gap on all four sides of the nori sheet – greed is failure in the maki world!!)

I made two types of makis, one of them was a classic seafood stick and avocado combo. Make sure your avocado is ripe, or at least not raw. I have once tried to cut a raw avocado and I simply couldn’t remove the seed and the peel. #epicfail

I am going to disgust you on my second maki roll choice. If you have heard of, tasted, or even smelt of natto, you will know what I mean. Mr ER once ran away from me and demanded me to brush my teeth after I ate natto; my mum was so hesitant when I forced her to purchase natto in a supermarket, she simply felt confused for having to pay for this smelly, sticky, slimy, minging beans!

I am clearly not selling you this maki ain’t I? Rock hard 5 grain rice and smelly beans…. but natto is very good for you. It is a Japanese fermented soybeans which prevents blood clogging and protects your heart (ō)

Anyways I just had them for breakfast and I feel genuinely energised and ready for the busy day ahead. (minus the gigantic strawberries from borough market which I borrowed from my flatmate for aesthetic purposes – but look! English strawberries season has arrived! Winters over woohoo!)

My ridiculous dining habit is probably one of the contributing factors why I have got slimmer and slimmer since I arrived Britain. Hope you enjoy my food adventure and if I have sold this healthy maki roll to you and you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

Until next time!

Midori x


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