#fridaymusecolumn vol.2 Gentlewoman

TGIF! It is le weekend!

This week has been the worst and the best week in my career so far. Juggling between too many projects, having to please too many people, attending too many meetings but having no time to actually do any work….it was manic! But this is also the best week for me, I am literally smiling right now for this one piece of goods news I get from work and the amazing feedback my colleagues have given me…..oh wait wait wait Midori, since when have you become a career driven superwoman?

Hmm….I don’t know, maybe since I put on my power suits?

Women in suits are wonderful, and when I say suits, I mean it. Shirt/blouse, blazer, trousers. They combine to give a sense of alternative sexiness that no short skirts or tight dresses could achieve, and with the same suit, you can have so much fun with it. By changing the way you put on makeup, your necklace, your hair-do, you give a totally different vibe to your entire outlook.

And most of all, it gives you a sense of formality, determinism, power, strength, coolness…there you go, muse of the week – GENTLEWOMAN.


The most classic image of a woman in suit is definitely le Smoking by fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent. J’aime le Smoking, bien sur! This was one of the most revolutionary fashion numbers that provoked the world’s reception on women’s style and power when it first appeared in Vogue magazine in 1967. And surely, it is still blowing people’s mind until today.

However, I do agree that there are more and more women wearing full on trousers suits in the workplace nowadays. I, myself, included. There are so much more variations to women’s suits than men’s. You can have your trousers flared, like le Smoking, or you can have it the more modern way – a pencil pants look. Yep, just like Kate Moss and Stella McCartney below.


Kate Moss in grey suit – I think when the trousers are slimmed down towards the ankles, it shouts rock-chic and modernism. I also consider this type of trousers suits girls with a skinny bottom but a stronger upper body, some people call it an apple shape or an inverted triangle body type as the slimming down cutting accentuates the bottom and balance the body shape. They certainly work for me.

And this is one of my favourite designs of Stella:


Talking about fashion icons….I think this post is not complete without her. We have talked about the French fashion, and surely we need a French icon too (I am extremely influenced by French culture since adolescence, I shall share more avec vous later!)


Tadah! Jane Birkin…….suits, cigarettes, monochrome….L’inspiration ultime.

As adventurous as I could be, the white blouse Jane’s wearing might be a bit too sensual for work. However, I think Jane and I share the same philosophy with blouses; we don’t always need to wear a shirt for suits. Actually, blouses add a soft touch of femininity to a suit look for women and no one does reasonably prized supreme suits and blouse than the Kooples (whoops another French brand, unintended!)

a492719c1d2ea7df3e121e1a0ae472dee273e787cef28c8fe2eb359a97ae0f11Just look at them! They rock. Burgundy suits, how subtly avant-garde is that. Together with the floral blouses, this is unimaginable. It was exactly this particular image that drove me into this amazing brand when I first got a bit of cash to spend. Good quality, amazing design and fit.

Check out my Instagram (@essaysinlove) and see if I am going to take some shameless selfies in suits next week!

Happy weekends x



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