#fridaymusecolumn – Vol.3 – Nature

Hey readers!

Spring came to London for approximately two weeks then vanishes again and brought back the cold. Some places in England and Scotland even snowed! Nevertheless, I officially declared S/S season has arrived in the grey capital and a kind reminder to my British readers, the clocks are going forward by an hour this weekend.

During winter it is advisable to hide away from the nature, who wants to deal with the nasty wind and gloomy rain, right? But spring and summer for me is definitely the time to get intimate again with the nature.

I went to Windsor and Eton last Saturday with Mr ER and it was incredible.


The sun, the riverside lunch, white wine, Windsor castle, Eton College, Eton College boys in tuxedos, Eton College boys playing rugby (screaming POSH!), sunset….it was wonderful strolling around this famous royal town on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

I can never understand when people do not like London. It is almost like an instant killer for conversation. However, since I started working I grow to understand that occasionally, you just need to get out of the concrete jungle and to something less artificial. I think I used to be like Cameron Diaz in the Holidays, it was almost unimaginable to go to a small English cottage in Surrey and what could you do? Nothing?!?!?!

However as soon as I saw this, plus the desperate need to take a break and read a proper book, an English cottage in a quiet village seems ideal….


Oh yeah, and that lake? That lake is just sensational.

Hence summer is coming and my flatmate and I are determined to go swimming at the Hampstead Heath pond. I heard people shag openly there…but well nature includes natural desire I guess….Let’s keep the imagination going. I just want to swim!

Mens swimming pond on Hampstead Heath, London

Anyways, back to the discussion of nature. I, aka Midori, is only good at a handful of things, which includes, attempting to be a fashionable geek, and talk about useless things like relationships.

English countryside outfits are just so luxurious. I wish I was brought up Wales and my weekend activities were to ride a pony somewhere in the field or just doing some farming with my parents, for fun, of course.


I remember when I used to study in Wales, one half term I stayed with my then best-friend in Hereford and we went for walk in the woods. I wish I remember what the name of that place was, it was so green, trees were so straight and tall, and there were so many of these trees so standing there. Little sunlight peeked through the leaves. It was autumn time, and the leaves fell off from all these trees and mounted a thick layer on the ground. It was beautiful.


I always prefer woods and forests to oceans and lakes. There’s just something whimsical about it. Hmm maybe it is time to revisit the Forest of Dean and picked up my teenagehood memories?

Anyways,  the weather this weekend is just glorious. This time last year I was in Hyde park, rowing with my friends on the Serpentine. Enjoy the weekend ❤


Midori xx




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