On night out


I left early last night when the party only just started.

I remember my friend and I talked about how weird it is for people with a partner to go clubbing. Well, it depends what you are trying to get out of a night out. Some people want to dance, and some people want to get lucky.

For a person who is no longer available, it would either be sinister to try to get lucky, or so bored because you can’t get lucky yet you are stuck in a filthy place.

I am single but not available. My crush has become so big in my heart that I lost my long term habit of pretty man scouting.

It’s probably not a bad thing now I think about it.

I don’t want them, those pretty (and not so pretty) boys that hit on me in a club. I could no longer appreciate their hotness and I wanted to go home.

Even a mid night kebab gives me better satisfaction than these once irresistible hot boys.

So I went home, and I walked quietly in the street at 1am, while considering myself as the sweetest yet most pathetic creature at the age of 25.

Having a crush at your mid-20s is a really weird thing.



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