Everyday pleasure


Recently, work has consumed pretty much 80% of my time and when I am finally finished with it, I have been left with just the basic stuff, you know, the usual eating, household chores, writing blogs and meeting up with friends, mundane.

With the low level of alcohol intake, partly because everyone is doing dry-January, I have come to think deeply about what are the things that I really need in life. It is great that when you are consumed by work, the free time becomes so precious you don’t want to waste any minute of it.

One of the most suprising discoveries from this period is the importance of doing household chores. It is not fun, and I still prefer doing in on a weekly basis rather than any more frequent than that. However, having a clean sheet to sleep on and knowing that your clothes are washed and ready on Sunday for the hectic week ahead is simply refreshing. The feeling of accomplishment is strong, plus taking time off from socialising and working, and to do what’s important in your private living space shows that, well apart from the sign of aging, also a sign of self discipline, which for many years in the past, I had happily waived my responsiblity and dashed off to parties.

The other thing is to exercise. The swimming habit was taken up again last summer and surprisingly I am still keeping up with it. I think the discovery of swimming is almost as precious as finding your true love. Over the years I have been moaning how I just can’t go to the gym, I tried hiking, cycling, kick-boxing and jogging on the busy streets of London. None of the above gives me the intense satisfaction the moment I submerge into the pool water, and certainly none of these makes me to crave for more.

The process of slowly developing a routine, finding what you like to do (which also includes my current job), and be able to sustain with a sense of responsibility and preseverence gives me a simple sense of satisfaction.

I have noticed that many of my friends, be it in Hong Kong or in London, just cannot stop finding events after events to do to escape from their everyday life. They are always trying to get out of the routine, whilst I have found contentment in my day-to-day tasks.

Maybe it is a matter of looking out for it, trying different things, until you can settle in things that matter to you the most. Rather than being excited over an one-off thing, I think a constant pleasure is more precious.

Happy January everyone!


Image courtesy of http://www.activeennis.ie



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