The wild mind of a writer

Have you heard of the famous lesbian drama called the L Word?

At the very beginning of the drama series, there was an author called Jenny. She moved to LA with her boyfriend at that time, and noticed that the couple next door were lesbians. Eventually, she hung out with the neightbours and turned into a lesbian herself, or better put, she discovered this she had always been one.

Of course she cheated on the boyfriend, as all dramas in the US seem to do, and got with girls after girls. The boyfriend was devastated, as he was hoping to get married to Jenny and have a simple life. There was a scene, where the boyfriend spoke to the lady whom Jenny cheated on with- Marina, that struck me most.

Marina told the boyfriend that Jenny was a writer, and a writer always craves for epic experience in order to write something sensational (paraphrasing).

Is that what all writers need to do? Wanting life changing experience, craving for emotional outbursts, messing up their lives in order to turn all these powerful feelings into heart-warming, mind-fucking stories.

Ever since I saw that epidosde of the L Word, this proposition was imprinted in my mind. An ordinary office worker might never write anything as provacative, simply because the crave for stability numb our senses, as much as the administrative tasks and mundane chores do. It is only when our senses are heightened, and we ignore any consequences, are we able to see and feel differently, and write something that grasps the readers’ hearts with mysterious power.

Life as a writer is really difficult in my opinion. In search for topics to write about you feel utterly alert about the surroundings as well as what is going on inside your soul. You constantly over analysing everything to the extent you lost the ability to view life as its purest form like scientists do.

Over thinking has slowly become a second nature to me. A casual flirt with a complete random person boosts my imagination and often gets wild. When the whole drama is over and done with, espeically over time when you hardly remember the name of that person you once felt strongly for, it all became a bit of a laugh.

Oh well, at least I turned it into a juicy story. If I could choose again, between being a scientist and a writer, I think I would not dare to change at all. Life is just so much more colourful like that!

#yolo no regrets.

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