My 15-year-old playlist

I am not really up to date with my music collection. I guess the latest song I purchased on iTunes is called Broken by Jake Bugg.

I can listen to a song over and over again and never get bored with it. My playlist has slowly evolved over the past 15 years, with songs from that time still finding a place on the list, and I have only one playlist.

I like it that, in a world where everything changes at such a ridiculous pace, my song list has not seen much change.

I also have songs that remind me of particular places, and epochs of my life. I have a rather weak long-term memory, and I rely on these songs to remind me of my experiences. Surprisingly, these songs take me back to the good times rather than the bad. I guess one can choose to remember the good things; the bad things; or both. As a pessimistic person, it’s an interesting discovery to note that I can somehow manage to remember all the good things through music.

I want to make a list of all these songs/albums/artists that have meant a lot to me from the earliest days I can remember. I don’t think I have a fabulous taste in music; in fact, most people do not share my song choices (this is constantly an issue for me when I’m throwing a house party….and actually that is one of the major reasons why I never really throw one).

There’s nothing better to do than to organise your thoughts on a chilled Saturday afternoon with a cup of tea…….(really?)


The album my father and I bought together in HMV – Exileinside by Exileinside


The song that I sang with my friend Lily when she attempted sight-reading it on the piano during my first year of university – Communication by the Cardigans


The song that looped practically non-stop on my MP3 player when I was in Paris in December 2002 – You Weren’t There by Lene Marlin

The song represents the time when my father invited some business people to our home and I felt too fat and ugly to speak to the hot ladies in the room – 愛我別走 by 張震嶽

The song that lingers in my head during the recent road trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco with my best friend Natalie – Pompeii by Bastille


The album I always listened to when I walked from Wimbledon station through the park to my rented flat in the summer of 2013, when I was no longer a student – These Streets by Paolo Nuitini


The album when I was about to leave Hong Kong and started to understand that everything in Hong Kong is my Brokeback Mountain, and I am never going back – Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack by Various artists

Dido_noangel Let_Go_cover Natalie-Imbruglia-Left-On-The-Middle

The three albums where I learned my English from, which may explain my mix of accents.


And this song from the French movie that affected me so much – On The Nickle by Tom Waits 

I guess I’ll stop here….I cannot cope with too far a trip down memory lane. Too intense, too tiring.


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