Stay awake for heart breaks

I don’t normally write in English here partly because I have a Chinese readership and there are bound to be some grammar police around to prosecute me on my bad English.

But today I just feel like sharing in English, and this is my page so fuck that.

I want to call out to the boys and girls out there who are going through heart breaks. It is fine and important to allow yourself to be sad, accept it and experience it. Don’t reject it. Cry if you need to; munch on ice cream if that makes you feel better.

But that’s only one part of the story. In our mind, at least in the back of our mind, we ought to remember that all things will pass, good and bad, it is a fact and the law of nature. If you feel like you are at the bottom now, then it’s perfect because you will bounce back. There’s no need to force the bounce back though, it will happen naturally, through time and also through being aware of it.

I am going through a not-so-great time in life at the moment, I am sad, and my friends and family are amazing and they provide a great support system. But it is also very important that in your mind, you are aware of the sadness and the potential recovery at the same time. The only person that’s responsible for your well being, is you.

Dwelling on the past, and on what happened, will only lead you downhill. What’s important is the present. You can only do things right now to make yourself feel better at this moment. So whilst we accept and experience the sadness, I think it is important that we also stay aware of the present.

By this I mean, don’t neglect what is happening right now in your life. If you friends invite you to go out, say yes, and fully focus on it so you can enjoy it. Enjoy what you are doing at the moment with your full attention. This creates room for the bounce back to happen, whilst not forcing it.

This is a very philosophical yet practical way of dealing with sadness. Every low times in life create an opportunity for one to reflect on oneself and this is how we learn and become a wiser person. Too many people focus on the sad, and not the wisdom that the sad brings, and this is how many people eventually lead themselves into depression or other destructive paths.

But good things bound to come around, we just need to be able to be aware of it. And when you finally bounce back, you bounce back well and strong.

Love you all and have a great weekend!

Midori x

Photo by Tengku Razaleigh on Unsplash


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